Formtraveller: Road 431 in Israel

In Israel, near Tel Aviv airport several pairs of Formtravellers redesigned or supplied new by Strukturas are used in the construction of the project called road 431.

Thanks to our Israeli client Shikun & Binui for believing in our ability to be his technical partner at this challenging project.

Overhead Strukturas MSS Bridge SO 203……on the road again!

Early 2021 the Strukturas Overhead MSS named SO 203 was ready to  cast the first span at the first long deck of the bridge project D3 in the Czech Republic, close to Ceske Budejovice.


MSS SO 203 - 3D model picture
STRUKTURAS Rental Overhead MSS SO 203 at concreting first span second deck of project D3 close to Ceske Budejovice in the Czech Republic.

Krondorf Bridge demolition

The Strukturas rental Underslung MSS Randselva was dismantled autumn 2021 in Norway and sent directly to Germany for the demolition of the Krondorf Bridge on the A3 south of Nürnberg.


The northbound deck is being demolished as the traffic is running on the southbound deck. After domolished deck and new construction on the north bond deck, the Strukturas rental Underslung MSS will be used to demolish and build also the south bond deck.

Start MSS assembling

Deck demolition

MSS operation

World-leading bridge builders want to build factories

Herøya Industripark recently published an article about us:

FT Sibiu: casting deck segments in Central Romania!

In Talmaciu near the historic city of Sibiu two Strukturas FT pairs was delivered to Hünnebeck to concrete the central cantilever deck of a bridge integrated in the new highway under construction

The bellow YouTube video shows an intersting timelapse of an early projetc stage

Credits: Drone Works

MSS Randselva dismantling

The Strukturas Underslung MSS Randselva is at its  final dismantling stage at Randselva site, after having been used in the construction of the Randselva Bridge access spans deck.

Strukturas is proud to have contributed with one Movable Scaffolding System and two Form Travellers pairs to the construction of the deck of this emblematic bridge, that was the 1st in the world to be completely built as a Drawing Free Project.

The bellow YouTube video explains in detail the Randselva Bridge design and construction as a Drawing Free Project.

Credits: Ministry of Bridges

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