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Span by span demolition of the bridges using the MSS

Span by span demolition of the bridges using the MSS

Span by span demolition of the bridges using  STRUKTURAS MSS – Movable Scaffolding System.

Contractors Eiffage , Implenia and Arlt Bauunternehmen GmbH are using this demolition method for their client Die Autobahn GmbH.

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The demolition of the old bridge with MSS is an effective and safe solution:

– Minimal intervention to existing infrastructure.

– Using MSS for demolition allows the existing highway to remain open throughout all of the demolishing period.

– Moreover MSS allows the existing railway to remain open throughout most of the demolishing period.

– The MSS could be assembled on the ground and later could be lifted with 4 strand jacks.

– After finished demolition MSS could be lowered with 4 strand jacks on the ground for safe and productive MSS dismantling.

– The challenging MSS installation conditions can be carried out by professional site crew from Strukturas.

– The engineering challenge is to avoid an overload of the superstructure during the demolition and to ensure a safe load transfer within the load capacity of the MSS.

– After the demolition this same MSS could also be used for the construction of the bridge deck. This approach saves time and resources, making the construction process more efficient.

Bridge demolition

If you would like to learn more about bridge demolition using Movable Scaffolding System, send us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible!



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