Strukturas | About us
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Strukturas your partner for turnkey projects, worldwide. Strukturas was founded in 1991 as a continuation of Olav Opedal AS, an Aker owned company specializing in construction and mechanical engineering. Strukturas history therefore dates back to the 1960s with long standing traditions and considerable experience.

Over the past 20 years Strukturas has become the leading Norwegian Bridge Building equipment supplier providing equipment to over 200 projects worldwide. Whether it is designing steel structures or delivering bridge building equipment, Strukturas prides itself on the production of quality designed solutions that not only perform as intended but exceed the client’s expectations.

Over 25 years of industrial facilities, bridge design, offshore structures and bridge building equipment has provide us with the experience to meet these commitments.

We are happy to inform that from September 2018 Strukturas AS has strengthened its financial foundation by the entrance of the international investors Highsharp Trading Limited based in Hong Kong, as new main shareholders.

Believing in the concept of quality from conception to completion of a project is the key to providing safe innovative solutions on time and within budget. At Strukturas we are committed to quality in every aspect of our working environment.

Quality builds trust – trust builds business.