Implenia, a leading construction services company, decided to use an Strukturas MSS Underslung for the demolition of existing concrete decks on the TB Heubach Bridge in Germany.
This same MSS will also be used for the construction of the bridge’s new TT section decks. 

MSS at assembling final stage

Deck demolition

The Strukturas MSS solution is particularly innovative because it allows the conversion of the MSS formwork from a box section, which is used during the demolition phase, to a TT section, which is used during the construction of the new bridge decks. This approach saves time and resources, making the construction process more efficient.
The challenging conditions on the job site made the assembly of the MSS particularly demanding, and the Strukturas MSS assembly team had to plan and execute the operation to the best of their ability.

MSS general cross section view when used to demolish the existing concrete decks