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 Underslung Form Traveller Ariari Puerto Lleras, Meta, Colombia

 Underslung Form Traveller Ariari Puerto Lleras, Meta, Colombia

Underslung Form Traveller Ariari – Puerto Lleras, Meta, Colombia

Connecting the downtown area of Puerto Lleras with the existing Vista Hermosa county road, known as “Trocha Siete” with a bridge over the Ariari River.
It is a cable-stayed bridge with a length of 270 m, made up of spans of 70 m, 135 m and 70 m and a deck width of 11.6 m. Bridge supported by two pylons approximately 52 m high and 20 m wide at the base.
The superstructure is made up of a concrete slab that is supported on longitudinal and transverse by structural steel beams.
Balanced cantilever construction method of the deck – Cast-In-Situ with Form Travellers.

The Underslung Form Traveller solution can be adapted to different types of bridge decks, such as arch bridges and cable-stayed bridges, leaving enough room to assemble the temporary or final cable stays, and allowing easy launchback to the initial assembly position.
The external formwork of this type of Form Traveller is supported by the main structure, leaving enough room to install the pre-assembled rebar cage. When the rebar cage is pre-assembled, the Strukturas Underslung Form Traveller is the perfect choice.

Underslung Form Traveller Ariari
Underslung Form Traveller Ariari

Highlighs & Facts:

Segment Length: 7,75m
Length of Hammerhead: 19,9m
MAX Segment Weight: 132,7ton
MAX Width Superstructure: 12,8m
Min.Hor.Radius: R=1195m
Max Long Slope: 7,0%
Crossfall: 0%
Deflection of Main Beam: L/400
Critical Wind Speed During Launching: 20,0 m/sec
Critical Wind Speed During Concreting: 32,0 m/sec
Project Location: Puerto Lleras, Meta, Colombia


Underslung Form Traveller Ariari

See the video below and do not hesitate if you wish to consult about your bridge!