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Special services for one of our first customers!

Special services for one of our first customers!

Our client, Mota-Engil, currently the largest Portuguese construction company present in various markets worldwide, has awarded Strukturas the redesign project of an Overhead MSS originally not provided by us and which had been stored for several years in their yard in Poland.

General Overhead MSS view
Rear launching support view
Workshop rebuilt stage
External steel formwork trial assembling at the steel workshop

Strukturas’ redesign introduced significant modifications to the MSS, including a hinge joint between the main girder and the front nose, allowing it to be used on plan view curved decks, the addition of a rear concreting support, which allows for the transportation of pre-assembled U-shaped reinforcement using electrical winches, and the supply of a hydraulically operated internal formwork.

Front nose trial assembling at main yard
Front nose trial assembling at main yard
Hinge detail at main girder
View from the rear
Front nose general view

Mota-Engil transported the MSS from Poland to Portugal, where it is currently being used in the construction of railway viaducts. The rebuilt MSS steel structure was done in Portugal. Mota-Engil gave a special attention to pre-assembly and testing both at the workshop and at their central yard, due to the MSS being stored in Poland for several years.

Strukturas has been supplying various bridge building equipment, including Formtravellers FT and Movable Scaffolding Systems MSS, to Mota-Engil for around 30 years. Our the first supply was made in 1994 of an Underslung MSS to the company, that was then called Engil and later included in the Mota group, giving rise to the current Mota-Engil.

Hydraulic operated internal formwork delivered by Strukturas
External steel formwork
New rear concreting view
Front and intermediate supports