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World-leading bridge builders do also build factories

World-leading bridge builders do also build factories

Herøya Industripark recently published an article about us:

Strukturas team moved from Langesund into the industrial environment at Herøya.

“We see a great drive in industry at Herøya. We want to be here because we can contribute, help build the new factories that are planned,” says Terje Johannessen, new head of industry and offshore at Strukturas.

Terje is back in Strukturas after five years in Bilfinger. Prior to that, he worked with steel structures in Strukturas for 22 years. Now he leads the company’s industrial venture after recently retired Paul Andersen.

Our team knowledge is in demand and it has turned into hundreds of giant steel and concrete bridges all over the world. Moreover we have also provided our services to Industry since 1991. Now we will also use the knowledge to help build factories. 

“I have recently been involved in building a factory,” comments Terje. “Under the auspices of Bilfinger, I was the engineering manager for NEL Hydrogen. They have now built the world’s largest factory for the production of electrodes here at Herøya.”

He mentions several industrial projects he has been involved in in recent years, such as REO (Rare Earth Objects), Hydro’s new aluminum factory at Karmøy, conversion of test facilities for Yara in the research park and the Bamboo project.

“I hope that my experience is useful for developing the industrial part,” says Terje. “The job will be to bring in industrial projects where we can contribute on steel and concrete. We can take part in all construction projects, and we are particularly strong in steel. I know many people here in the environment, and I am very pleased that we have moved to Herøya. Now we will further develop and focus on expanding the industrial department.”