STRUKTURAS FT is a cost – effective and reliable solution!

Both the overhead and the underslung FT are designed for free cantilever construction of pre-stressed girder and cable – stayed concrete bridges. A standard underslung FT is designed for a segment length of 5 m. It can be tailor made for various segment lengths. Our formwork can be supplied with wooden, steel or plastic sheeting, which can be recycled.

Special design solutions:

  • The underslung FT system can be adapted to different types of bridges, such as arch and cable stayed structures, leaving no obstructions to temporary or permanent cables as well as giving the opportunity for an easy «back – launch» to its initial installation position.
  • For projects where reinforcement is to be prefabricated, the Strukturas underslung FT is the perfect choice. The external formwork for this FT is supported from below, leaving no obstruction to place prefabricated bottom slab, web and top slab reinforcement.
  • Transportation and lifting system for placing prefabricated cages. Systems can be tailor made for different types of reinforcement cages.