Strukturas PCFS is used in challenging projects exceeding boundaries!

Typically used on projects requiring minimum deflections on its superstructure spans and fast execution times, the PCFS method provides an efficient and proven execution method. The blend of equipment used, gantry cranes, multi axle carrier and launcher, allow for the bride deck spans to be transported and placed in one piece.

Designed as “interacting” equipment the PCFS will not only construct the elevated superstructure, but also assist the assembly process of the equipment itself. The gantry cranes will be used to assemble and erect the launcher and carrier, as well as lift the carrier and launcher in one piece on to the superstructure. The carrier’s capacity is sufficient to transport the launcher to different locations on the project.  Depending on the distance of the precast yard to the launcher it is possible for the PCFS to erect three spans per day. The PCFS is suitable for fast high quality construction of long elevated superstructures.

All equipment is designed and fabricated under Strukturas’ quality control system and is supplied with after sales service.