STRUKTURAS LG exceeds conventional design limits in modern bridge construction!

Both the overhead and underslung LG consist of two independent self – supporting main structures combined with advanced lifting equipment, creating an exceptionally flexible system for both the balanced cantilever and the span – by – span method.

Some of STRUKTURAS innovations are:

  • Our «glue – as – you – go» procedure is a special erection method for glued span – by – span bridges. A stiff main girder allows limited pre – loading of the LG, avoiding time consuming double handling.
  • A symmetrical system allows turnaround of the LG without dismantling and re-erection. A special gantry crane, able to travel over hinges, combined with a 360 degree horizontal bearing on the bottom block, allows very flexible and smooth segment installation.
  • Tower elements placed below the support beams allow substantial changes in the longitudinal slope. This facilitates compensation or elevation differences between neighboring bridges and repositioning of the LG in a vertical direction by «vertical climbing» of the LG.
  • Easy extension of the support beam for overhead Launching Gantries makes sideways movement of the whole system to the neighboring bridge or over existing superstructures possible.